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People in Limburg love a good party

Our province never passes up the opportunity to celebrate: whether that’s carnival, shooters’ tournaments, Ramadan, or Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. The region is a cultural melting pot and home to different types of celebrations. All these celebrations are a time to have fun, enjoy ourselves with friends and family, and focus on important moments in our lives.

The family exhibition Party! is full of games to show you which festivals are celebrated in Limburg. You’ll also find out how, with whom, why, and in what ways those celebrations change over time. Are you ready to party?

Dress up for the Boérebroélof (farmer’s wedding), design your own Ramadan lamp, shoot with a rifle at a tree full of bölkes (special targets), or dance at the silent disco. There are interviews with people such as Jan Smeets, the founder of Pinkpop, and a real carnival prince and princess. You can also play a quiz or perform on a festival stage. And before you go home, you can light a candle for someone whose life you’d like to celebrate.

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