We request you to book an e-ticket with time slot in advance. Of course you can also buy a ticket at our reception. Book your e-ticket here!

Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are the opening hours and ticket prices?
Please see this page for the opening hours and ticket prices.

Why are time slots being used?
We ask our visitors to book a time slot in advance, so that visitors can stay at a safe distance from each other.

Which other measures is the Limburgs Museum taking? And what is expected of me as a visitor?
For a complete overview of the measures taken, please visit this page.

I would like to make a booking for a group. Is that possible?
From the present day on, museum classes and other special events can once again be booked.

I missed my time slot. Can I still visit the museum?
The time slot concerns the starting time at which you can enter the museum. There is no limit to how long you can stay in the museum. After the expiry of your time slot, i.e. your starting time, you can also visit the museum.

I already have an e-ticket, regular ticket or free ticket, but without a time slot. Do I still have to make a reservation?
We request every museum visitor to book a time slot. In that case, please go to the ‘Other’ option in the webshop. Please be sure to always take along the e-ticket, regular ticket or free ticket without the time slot (which you purchased or were given) to the museum. This will serve as your ticket, in combination with the e-ticket for your time slot.

Until what time can I purchase an e-ticket?
If still available, e-tickets may be purchased at any given time prior to the start of a time slot.

I have a Museum Pass (Museumkaart). Do I still need to order an e-ticket with time slot?
We request every museum visitor to book a time slot. Please do not forget to bring along your Museum Pass, which must be scanned at the ticket desk.

This also applies to visitors with a Friends of Limburgs Museum card (Vriendenpas), an ICOM membership card, a CJP card (i.e. Euro <26 youth card) or a free ticket due to Business Club membership.

I am experiencing health issues on the day I had planned to visit. Can I change my e-ticket date?
We cannot refund tickets. You can, however, purchase a new e-ticket in our webshop and allow us to credit the previously purchased one to your account. To do so, please use the crediting form which you can download here.

If I have any questions about e-tickets or their purchase, who should I get in touch with?
You can reach us Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Alternatively, you can consult our website.
Telephone: +31(0)77 353 2112
Email: info@limburgsmuseum.nl