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The Limburgs Museum wants to be relevant for current and future generations. We are proud of Limburg’s cultural history and eager to promote it by collecting, showing, and telling stories from Limburg, so that we can offer surprising perspectives on Limburg’s past, present, and future, as well as of the world around us. One of our important tasks in this process is to collect, conserve, research, and preserve objects relating to Limburg. There are currently around 83,000 objects in the Limburgs Museum’s collection.

Online Limburgs Museum
The Limburgs Museum is building an online environment where you can search and consult parts or all of the collection. This platform is under development and is expected to be available in early 2023.

The Limburgs Museum has three core collections:

This collection documents human presence in Limburg from the earliest moments of the Stone Age to the present day.

Visual culture
This collection focuses on the artistic representation of subjects from Limburg’s history and culture.

Cultural history
A collection of testimonies about Limburg’s cultural-historical heritage.

Donation of an object

Would you like to donate an interesting object to the Limburgs Museum? If we accept it, we promise to take care of it for a long time. That is why we carefully consider beforehand whether the object fits in with our collection policy. Although this is not always the case, we always appreciate your gesture. Please contact our Collections department (collecties@limburgsmuseum.nl) with a description and clear photo of the object you wish to donate:

– What kind of object is it?
– Who is the maker?
– What year is it from?
– How did you come into possession of it?
– What are its dimensions?

Loan requests

The Limburgs Museum considers it important to make objects from the collection visible. That is why we regularly make our objects available to other institutions on loan. In principle, we do not loan out objects that form part of permanent exhibitions or which are in poor condition. Please submit a loan request to our Collections department (collecties@limburgsmuseum.nl) at least three months before the start of the loan period. You will receive an answer from us within four weeks. No rights can be derived from the loan request. Please include te following details in your request:
– Name and contact details of the applicant (both contact person and institution)
– Reason for the loan request (e.g. exhibition, long term loan, research)
– Dates of the loan period
– Specified list of objects

General terms and conditions for loans

Photo and film orders

Photo orders
The Limburgs Museum manages a large compilation of photos of objects from the collection. You can order a digital photo by e-mailing collecties@limburgsmuseum.nl. Please state clearly which object you want the image of and for what purpose.

Film orders
Television companies, fellow museums, documentary makers, online media, and DVD publishers regularly make use of our film collections if they require historical images. We are happy to provide these images from our collections, as this means they reach a broad and diverse audience. For film orders and information on how to use them, please contact us at collecties@limburgsmuseum.nl.

The images on this website are copyrighted by the Limburgs Museum. Reuse of images or films for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Visual material: prices and conditions