An immersive video installation


to 14 April 2024
to 14 April 2024
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van 11:00 tot 17:00.

In search of the deep inside

Mergel is an immersive video installation by director Thomas Brand (Studio BRANDKRACHT). The artful black-and-white film was entirely created on location at the Curfsgroeve in South Limburg and is an ode to the marl. In about 15 minutes, the short film takes you to this special place in an artistic fusion of image and sound.

Mergel goes in search of the deep inside and what breathes in the dark. A silent journey into the heart of stone and the unexpected light that intrudes. The veins of the rock, the lost stones, the desolate and small life to leave you there in the landscape with an ever-changing view.

Mergel is the second part of the trilogy Kiemgrond. An investigation into different, site-specific work forms, in which techniques from site theater and film come together in an interdisciplinary work process, in order to capture a location in an immersive total experience.


Concept, direction and edit: Thomas Brand
D.O.P.: Niels Lokhorst
Sound design: Tatiana Rosa
Photogammetry: Josse Vessies
Lighting: Laurens Witte
Assistent Lighting: Jorrit de Ruiter
Creative advice: Joke Olthaar | Frances Sanders