Terms and conditions for visitors

Limburgs Museum General Terms and Conditions for Visitors

1. Definitions
1.1 Limburgs Museum: Stichting Limburgs Museum (Limburgs Museum Foundation), including, but not limited to, the management board, curators, security guards, and other museum employees authorized to act on behalf of the Limburgs Museum.
1.2 Museum Building: the spaces that are open to the public in and around the buildings of the museum, including the Museum Café.
1.3 Visitor: anyone who, with or without a valid Admission Ticket, enters the Museum Building.
1.4 Admission Ticket: an entrance ticket (whether or not in combination with a discount pass) or comparable proof of admission (such as a written invitation, voucher, Netherlands Museum Pass, Friends pass, family pass) that grants access to the Museum Building.
1.5 Agreement: the Agreement between the Visitor and the Limburgs Museum that comes into effect after the Admission Ticket is validated.

2. Applicability
2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Visitors to the Museum Building.
2.2 The applicability of the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors does not affect the possible applicability of other contractual and other terms and conditions or regulations of the Limburgs Museum.
2.3 The Limburgs Museum has the right to change the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors in full or in part at any time, and to announce this on its website. If a Visitor is of the opinion that the changes are contrary to the principles of reasonableness and fairness, then the Visitor must inform the Limburgs Museum of this within 10 working days of the announcement of the change, failing which the Visitor agrees to the changes.

3. Admission and time spent in the Museum Building
3.1 A Visitor is entitled to enter the Museum Building solely upon presentation of a valid Admission Ticket.
3.2 An Admission Ticket purchased in advance is invalid after the expiry of the validity date stated on the Admission Ticket.
3.3 The Limburgs Museum is never obliged to refund money paid to a Visitor, nor is it obliged to reimburse the costs of an unused Admission Ticket.
3.4 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied when visiting the Museum Building. Parents, teachers, and other supervisors are responsible and accountable at all times for the behaviour of minors, individuals, or groups they bring with them or are supervising that is contrary to the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors or any instructions given by an employee of the Limburgs Museum.
3.5 In the event of an emergency, the Limburgs Museum is entitled to close the doors and lead the Visitors present out one by one. At that time, a Visitor may be requested to cooperate with an inspection of bags and other objects by or on behalf of an employee of the Limburgs Museum. A Visitor who refuses to cooperate with the inspection will be asked to produce proof of their identity.

4. Museum rules
4.1 A Visitor is obliged to behave in accordance with the museum rules as set out in these General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and is obliged to follow the directions and instructions given by a person who is visibly identifiable as an employee of the Limburgs Museum. A Visitor is liable for any damage they cause.
4.2 A Visitor in the Museum Building:
a. must not bring backpacks and bags into the museum galleries but store them in the lockers provided near the coat racks and in the Museum Café;
b. must not touch an object on display;
c. must not offer goods of any kind to third parties for sale or free of charge;
d. must not hinder other visitors, including by obstructing their view of the exhibits, for a long period of time or by causing noise disturbance;
e. must not bring animals, domestic or otherwise, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance dogs;
f. must not smoke or vape;
g. must not eat or drink, except in the Museum Café. Food and drink bottles may not be taken into the exhibition areas. A Visitor may not consume their own food or drink;
h. must not take photographs, videos, or film recordings for commercial use without prior written consent from the Marketing & Communications Department of the Limburgs Museum (recordings for non-commercial use, such as YouTube, do not require consent);
i. must not take photographs, videos, or film recordings using lamps and flash equipment that are harmful to the museum objects. Warm LED lighting is permitted;
j. must not carry objects that can cause injury or damage to property, or that appear to be capable of doing so. If these objects are found, they will be confiscated.
4.3 A Visitor will be denied admission to the Museum Building for a definite period, without the Visitor having any right to reimbursement of the costs of the Admission Ticket or any other costs incurred, if:
a. the Visitor is evidently under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or similar substances;
b. the Visitor is evidently disrupting order or has the intent to disrupt order;
c. in the opinion of a member of the Limburgs Museum staff, the Visitor is acting in contravention of the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors or of any instructions or directions given by an employee of the Limburgs Museum (if a Visitor repeatedly acts in contravention of the General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and any instructions or directions given, they may be denied admission for a limited period);
d. the Visitor has damaged an object during one or more previous visits to the Museum Building or to other museums, by their actions or intentionally, or if the fear is justified that the Visitor may cause damage in some other way.
4.4 If the Visitor accesses the internet via the Limburgs Museum’s network, the Limburgs Museum may take measures if the data traffic generated is excessive. If misuse is suspected, the Limburgs Museum is authorized to monitor internet traffic.

5. Privacy and personal data
5.1 The Limburgs Museum may collect, record, and store a Visitor’s personal or other data in a data file. The personal or other data that a Visitor discloses is processed by or on behalf of the Limburgs Museum.
5.2 The processing of the personal and other data disclosed by a Visitor is subject to the Limburgs Museum’s privacy policy. The Limburgs Museum handles the obtained personal and other data with care and processes it exclusively in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
5.3 A Visitor has the right to access, rectify, or erase their personal data. A Visitor also has the right to withdraw any consent they give to process data or to object to their personal data being processed by the Limburgs Museum, and has a right to data portability.
5.4 It may be the case that promotional photographs or promotional film recordings are made during the time that a Visitor spends in the Museum Building. If recordings are made, the Visitor will be notified of this in advance and will have the right to object.

6. Complaints
6.1 The Limburgs Museum will do everything possible, within reason, to make a Visitor’s visit to the museum building as pleasant as possible. The Limburgs Museum will make every effort to minimize any nuisance or inconvenience to the Visitor, as well as to guarantee the Visitor’s safety as much as possible. In the unlikely event that a Visitor has any complaints regarding the execution of the Agreement and/or the services provided by the Limburgs Museum, the Visitor may report this in writing by sending an e-mail to info@limburgsmuseum.nl. Complaints should be reported to the Limburgs Museum within 14 working days from the date of the visit at the latest.

7. Liability of the Limburgs Museum
7.1 The time that a Visitor spends in the Museum Building is at their own expense and risk. The Limburgs Museum is liable for loss suffered by a Visitor to the extent that the loss is the direct and exclusive consequence of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Limburgs Museum.
7.2 The loss incurred by a Visitor is not a direct consequence of gross negligence or intent if the damaging behaviour or event cannot be attributed to the Limburgs Museum or if force majeure is involved.
7.3 Force majeure applies to any foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstance that hampers the implementation of the Agreement by the Limburgs Museum to such an extent that, temporarily or permanently, the implementation of the Agreement becomes impossible or problematic.
7.4 The Limburgs Museum is not responsible for the loss of clothing or other property of a Visitor and accepts no liability in this respect.
7.5 The Limburgs Museum is not responsible for any loss incurred by a Visitor as a result of the Visitor’s use of the Limburgs Museum’s internet network, and the Limburgs Museum is not responsible for the use of the network by third parties.
7.6 Liability on the part of the Limburgs Museum for indirect loss, including consequential loss, lost profits or wages, lost savings, and so on, is excluded.
7.7 If and insofar as the Limburgs Museum is liable on any grounds whatsoever vis-à-vis the Visitor for any loss suffered by the Visitor, such liability is at all times limited to the amount that will be paid out under the Limburgs Museum’s liability insurance.

8. Lost property
8.1 The Limburgs Museum will keep lost property in safe custody and, if possible, contact the owner. Lost property is kept for three months, after which it is discarded or donated to charity.
8.2 The presumed owner of lost property must be able to produce proper identification, if proof of identity can confirm who is the owner of the property. If the Limburgs Museum has doubts concerning the status of the alleged owner, the Limburgs Museum is entitled to demand proof of ownership.

9. Other terms and conditions and applicable law
9.1 Dutch law is applicable to these General Terms and Conditions for Visitors and to the Agreement between the Visitor and the Limburgs Museum.
9.2 All disputes, of whatever nature, that arise between a Visitor and the Limburgs Museum are brought exclusively before the competent judge of the Limburg District Court.

The Limburgs Museum’s General Terms and Conditions for Visitors have been established by the Limburgs Museum’s management board and are published at www.limburgsmuseum.nl and elsewhere.

Stichting Limburgs Museum
Management Board

February 2022

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