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Archeo Route Limburg

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Where do archaeologists make their discoveries? What happened in these places? Follow the Archeo Route Limburg, excavate using your smartphone, and discover the stories behind Limburg’s history and archaeology.

The Archeo Route Limburg currently includes over 60 spearheads. Over the coming months, ten more spearheads will be added and placed at important archaeological sites along the river Meuse in Limburg. Together, they tell the overarching story of ‘Life along the Meuse’.

Open the Archeo Route App 2.0 to meet a virtual archaeologist face to face. He’ll show you via video and augmented reality what happened at this location. It’s just like boarding a time machine and going back in time. Want to know more about the objects at the ten new locations? You can see the real thing at the Limburgs Museum.

Read more on the Archeo Route Limburg website.