The Limburgs Museum is grateful for the work carried out by our enthusiastic volunteers. Would you like to come and help us? Please send your CV and cover letter to sollicitatie@limburgsmuseum.nl. Try to explain clearly exactly what type of voluntary work you are looking for. Once we have received your letter, we will invite you for an introductory interview to talk about what we can do for one another.

If there is a suitable position available, you will be able to start soon after. We may not always be able to offer you your preferred position immediately. In that case, we will ask you whether you would be interested in a different role or whether you would rather wait until your preferred role becomes available.

If you start working for us as a volunteer, we will sign a volunteer’s agreement with you, so that our visitors and colleagues can rely on you.

Please note that volunteers who receive benefits must first ask the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) for approval.