Unforgettable Limburgs Museum Table

Experience the Limburgs Museum in care institutions

Men Stimulation and enrichment for people with memory problems. Our museum can provide this service on location. An unforgettable experience, a moment of happiness.

Stimulating senses
People with memory problems can experience Limburg’s history by taking part in the Unforgettable Limburgs Museum tour. Sometimes they may no longer be able to come to the museum. We take our Unforgettable Limburgs Museum Table to care institutions throughout Limburg to stimulate the senses of the residents.

It’s all about the experience
The main purpose of the Museum Table is to provide a unique experience. An expert from the museum talks to care institution residents about the ten objects he brings with him. Sounds and images bring the stories to life. This helps residents to recall wonderful memories and encourages interesting conversations. New stories are created at the Museum Table.

Edition for North, Central, and South Limburg
Three editions of the Unforgettable experience have been created, tailored to the residents of care institutions in North, Central, and South Limburg. The Museum Table is suitable for people with dementia and for people with memory problems receiving somatic and geriatric care in care institutions.

Bring the museum into your home

  • The normal price of the tour is €100 per tour, excluding travel costs of €0.19 per km. Thanks to the many generous contributions made to our crowdfunding campaign, we can offer one free tour to every care institution in Limburg.
  • Each group can comprise a maximum of eight people, including assistants. If a 1.5 metre distance is required between participants, we recommend four to five participants.
  • The tour takes one hour.
  • The tour can be scheduled for any day of the week.

Give your residents an unforgettable experience

About the Unforgettable Limburgs Museum Table
The Unforgettable Museum Table is a project by STUDIO i – platform for inclusive culture (an initiative by the Van Abbemuseum and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) in collaboration with Onwijs. The project is supported financially by Cultuurimpuls Venlo and our crowdfunding campaign, to which no less than 151 donors have contributed, including Amendt Advocatuur and Friends of the Limburgs Museum Foundation. We are very grateful to you.