Corona measures

Due to the corona virus, we take a number of temporary measures to make your visit as safe and pleasant as possible.

Limburgs Museum basic house rules, in compliance with RIVM guidance:

  • It is no longer mandatory to wear a face mask. Of course you are free to wear one.
  • The Limburgs Museum has a maximum permitted capacity of 350 visitors at one time in the entire building.
  • To visit the Limburgs Museum, we request you to book a time slot in advance. Such e-tickets with time slot can be purchased in our webshop. Do you have any questions about time slots? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.
  • In the event of a new wave of coronavirus infections, details will be shared with the Joint Health Service (GGD).
  • From the present day on, museum classes and other special events can once again be booked. Of course we will be adhering to all safety measures related to the novel corona virus.
  • Please pay by PIN or contactless. If this is not possible, please use the money tray provided.
  • Please present the label of merchandising at the counter for an employee to scan.
  • Please stay 1.5 m (two arm lengths) apart from others.
  1. Staying 1.5 m apart reduces the risk of the infection spreading from person to person.
  2. To ensure that people stay 1.5 m apart at all times, the museum has marked out two compulsory walking routes. Maps are available in the museum.
  3. The above does not apply to physically disabled persons, wheelchair users, buggies, prams and those who have difficulty walking. They may use the lifts. As a consequence, wheelchair users, buggies or prams may cross the path of other visitors from time to time. Please be considerate, give each other space and wait if you need to.
  • Avoid busy areas. If you are finding it difficult to stay 1.5 m apart, please wait until it is less busy or move to another area if possible.
  • We recommend that visitors aged 13 and above do not touch any buttons or screens inside the museum, but use only their eyes. Children aged 12 and below may touch all buttons and activity displays. These will be cleaned regularly.
  • Please do not shake hands.
  • Please cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm.
  • If you need to blow your nose, please use a paper handkerchief and throw it away immediately. Then wash your hands.
  • Please wash your hands:
  1. for 20 seconds using water and soap, drying them thoroughly afterwards;
  2. before you leave, when you return home, after blowing your nose, before eating and after visiting the toilet.

Stay home if you have cold symptoms

  • If you have symptoms of a cold, such as congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, a sore throat, a mild cough or a temperature up to 38 °C, please stay home. You can have any tickets already booked validated for another date by purchasing a new e-ticket in our webshop and allowing us to credit the previously purchased one to your account. To do so, please use the crediting form which you can download here.

Special advice for children and young people

  • Children aged 17 and below do not need to stay 1.5 m apart from each other. All other hygiene measures also apply to children.
  • Children aged 12 and below may touch all buttons, screens and activity displays inside the museum.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Limburgs Museum!