About us

There’s always something to do at the Limburgs Museum!

The Limburgs Museum is a dynamic cultural history museum that tells and illustrates the stories of Limburgers, with families as the key target group. The collection of the Limburgs Museum illustrates those stories and invites interaction. The museum shows high-profile alternating exhibitions about attractive and interesting subjects with familiar brands and names and organises attractive events that are accessible to the general public and constantly provide for innovation and sensation.

The Limburgs Museum is a museum that is an outing for the whole family, in good and bad weather, sensibly laid out, for everyone, with plenty of interaction and where there’s always something going on. Visitors come for (high-profile) and innovative (alternating) exhibitions and for varied events. The building of the Limburgs Museum also has a story of its own and creates added value through its history, the location and special architecture.

Special location

The museum stands on a spot where the city walls and fortifications of the City of Venlo were located over centuries. After they were demolished in 1870, the site was used as a marshalling yard for private railway companies, which maintained an important international link via Venlo. The oldest remaining filling station can also be found beside the station. This Esso filling station was built in 1933 and, since the seventies, has offered a roof for various institutions and companies. The history of the site was an important source of inspiration for the architect Jeanne Dekkers in the creation of her design for the museum.

  • Vision: The world around us is changing at an ever faster tempo. Borders become blurred, communication digitizes and values and standards are changing. This is creating ever more need for sensible and affordable leisure activities. The museum landscape of the Netherlands will have to adapt to that.
  • Mission: In a familiar yet surprising manner, the Limburgs Museum gives meaning and experience to the history and culture of Limburg.
  • Core values: Recognition, giving meaning and experience. Apart from that, we have key peripheral conditions: inspired, passionate, involved, devoted, authentic, surprising, hospitable, warm, high quality, guest-oriented (with a soft G).
  • Goals:
    1. To grow from 40,000-45,000 visitors (in recent years) to a place in the top 55 of the “Nederlandse Museumvereniging” of the most visited museums in 2016 at the latest (75,000 visitors per annum).
    2. To increase own income from 17% in 2011 to 20-25% in 2016.
Management and Supervisory Board

The director of the Limburgs Museum is Bert Mennings.

The Supervisory Board is made up of:

  • W. Delissen | chair
  • H. Jennissen | member
  • dr. J. de Jong | member
  • M. Dijkman | member
  • N. Eltink | member
Scientific Advisory Board

The Limburgs Museum has a Scientific Advisory Board, which advises the museum in the area of scientific research. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • dr. R. Corbey, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University School of Humanities, Tilburg University | member
  • dr. P. Nissen, Radboud University Nijmegen | member
  • J. Pouls, Open University Heerlen | member
  • dr. E. Venbrux, Radboud University Nijmegen | member
  • dr. V. van Saaze, University Maastricht | member