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About us

The Limburgs Museum is the leading museum for culture and history in the province of Limburg.

The museum collects, exhibits and shares Limburg's history and stories. We offer surprising perspectives on the province's past, present and future, as well as the wider world around us.

Limburg is a unique province. It was here that the nation's first inhabitants settled, followed by the first farmers. The Romans first entered our country through Limburg, which was also home to the first Christians and the founding place of our first cities.

In addition to this rich history, the museum also showcases Limburg as it is today. An internationally oriented province at the heart of European developments.

The Limburgs Museum is at the heart of society and aims to facilitate a diverse and inclusive dialogue. We will be communicating Limburg's unique stories in three ways: at the museum itself, at selected locations throughout the province and online.

Special location

The museum stands on a spot where the city walls and fortifications of the City of Venlo were located over centuries. After they were demolished in 1870, the site was used as a marshalling yard for private railway companies, which maintained an important international link via Venlo. The oldest remaining filling station can also be found beside the station. This Esso filling station was built in 1933 and, since the seventies, has offered a roof for various institutions and companies. The history of the site was an important source of inspiration for the architect Jeanne Dekkers in the creation of her design for the museum.

  • Vision: The Limburgs Museum is at the heart of society. Our dialogue is inclusive and transparent, with many voices. We conduct research and give presentations on insights into the world we live in, in partnership with various groups and organisations. This makes us an important venue for today's and future generations and allows us to take on the role of pioneer in Limburg's cultural sector.
  • Mission: We are the museum for culture and history in Limburg. We collect, display and share the stories of Limburg, offering surprising perspectives on the province's past, present and future and the world around us.
  • Core values: Hospitable, engaged, enterprising and inspiring
Management and Supervisory Board

The director of the Limburgs Museum is Bert Mennings.

The Supervisory Board is made up of:

  • W. Delissen | chair
  • H. Jennissen | member
  • dr. J. de Jong | member
  • M. Dijkman | member
  • N. Eltink | member