The best news photos from 2021

Silver Camera

9 July to 16 October 2022
9 July to 16 October 2022
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Which photo will strike a chord with you?

Experience last year’s best news photos from the Netherlands in Silver Camera. The exhibition showcases the 200 winning photos from the Zilveren Camera 2021, the most prestigious Dutch prize for photojournalists.

Look back on the many events in 2021 – from news and politics to sports and art, culture and entertainment – through the eyes of the country’s best photographers.

1st prize Politics (Single) | ‘Zilveren Camera 2021’ – Bart Maat – ANP – Omtzigt’s position, role reassigned

2nd prize Regional News (Single) | 1st prize, Regional News (Series) – Joris van Gennip – People stand on an ‘island’ near a completely flooded campsite in Roermond

Discover the winner of the ‘Zilveren Camera 2021’
Bart Maat won the ‘Zilveren Camera 2021’ with his photo Omtzigt’s position, role reassigned. In this photo, we see political mediator Kajsa Ollongren rushing to her official car after testing positive for COVID-19. The writing on the documents she is holding under her arm is clearly visible and reads: Omtzigt’s position, role reassigned and Left-wing parties not really supporting each other. This photo had a huge impact, triggering a political crisis and opening a discussion on the current culture of governance.

Experience 2021 through the eyes of the country’s best photographers

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