Rituals. Stillness. Ecstasy.


On display from 15 October 2022 to 19 March 2023
On display from 15 October 2022 to 19 March 2023
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11 am to 5 pm

Come and see how Mysticism affects you

The exhibition Mysticism – Rituals. Stillness. Ecstasy. shows how people have been trying to transcend daily reality for centuries. Through prayer and meditation, through rosaries, music, scents and yoga poses, through pilgrimages, trance-inducing dance and drink or drugs: we continue to hope for ‘more’. Mysticism guides you through three rooms, each with its own sense-stimulating atmosphere. From rituals to stillness and from stillness to ecstasy.

Mysticism brings together antique religious art from the collection of the Limburgs Museum and the work of leading contemporary artists such as Wim Delvoye, melanie bonajo, Les Deux Garçons, Ted Noten, Rineke Dijkstra, Studio Job and Hans Op de Beeck. All these artists approach the theme of mysticism in their own way – sometimes restrained, sometimes exuberant. From poignant installations that prompt self-reflection to carnival photos and film images that evoke a smile. Come and see how Mysticism affects you.

Hubertus Goltzius (1526-1583), The Last Judgment. Oil on panel. Limburgs Museum. © Limburgs Museum.

Participating artists

Studio Job, Wim Delvoye, Ted Noten, Les Deux Garçons, Dirk Braeckman, Hans Op de Beeck, Julius von Bismarck, Koen Vanmechelen, Rineke Dijkstra, Marcel van Hoef, Chris Berens, Gilles Polet, melanie bonajo, Luc Peters, Geert Noij, Ramón Gieling, Hubertus Goltzius, Aad de Haas, Armand Bouten and Gène Eggen.

Concept and composition: Edwin Becker, Laura Adams and Peter de Kimpe.

This project was made possible (in part) with financial support from Fonds 21 and Mondriaan Fund.


Hans Op de Beeck (1969), My bed a raft, the room the sea, and then I laughed some gloom in me. Polyester, polyurethane, steel, polyamide, epoxy, wood and coating. Studio Hans Op de Beeck. © Studio Hans Op de Beeck.

Ready for a more profound or contemplative experience?

In the exhibition period the museum is offering a spectrum of special activities. These range from monthly lectures and tarot card readings through to weekly guided tours, meditation sessions and yoga lessons.

Mysticism on location in Limburg

In the exhibition period the museum is also organising several inspiring lectures combined with special music performances, for instance by Sef Thissen, at striking, mystical locations in the province of Limburg. These venues include the monastery village Steyl or the little church of Wahlwiller with the paintings of Aad de Haas.

Limburgs Museum - Mystiek - Chris Berens - Mapping Infinity

Chris Berens (1976), Mapping Infinity. Various materials and techniques on panel. Michael Bruinsma collection. © Chris Berens.