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Limburgers in the Spotlight

On display until 19 June 2022
On display until 19 June 2022
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11 am to 5 pm

Do you see yourself here?

Our exhibition Limburgers in the Spotlight introduces you to more than 50 individuals with roots in Limburg, each with their own narrative. Together, they tell stories about daily life, social differences, Catholic beliefs and much more. Of course, there are always more stories to tell. Only a small share of people from Limburg ever had their portraits made. Of those, only a fraction ended up in the Limburgs Museum. Limburgers in the Spotlight therefore also speaks to the challenge facing the museum as it seeks ways to present a truer picture of this region and its people.

You can help with this! This exhibition invites you to reflect with us and to enrich the collection. Which stories are missing? Who else should be included? What makes a person worthy of a spot in our museum? And what can we do so more people will see themselves reflected in our collection? You can also upload your own portrait!

Image header: Hans van Norden (Bussum 1915–Amsterdam 2011), Group portrait of artists at Oost Castle in Eijsden. From left to right, front: Piet Damsté, Nicolaas Wijnberg, Isabelle Kolthoff. Back: Teun Roozenburg, Jopie Roosenburg, Nel van Norden, Hans van Norden, 1948. Limburgs Museum L09512.

Toon van den Muysenberg (Breda 1901–Barcelona 1967), Village scene with farmer and farmer’s wife in Heel, 1934. Limburgs Museum G11195.