From neanderthal man to city-dweller

Fly back into time with Professor B.C. Oud!

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Attention: From the 10th of June 2019 this exhibition is temporarily unavailable. At the end of the summer this exhibition can be partly seen on the second floor. A new exhibition about archeology will open early 2020 on the ground floor.

The renewed presentation From Neanderthal Man to city-dweller offers a unique overview of Limburg heritage from the Prehistory, Roman Era and the Middle Ages.

These archaeological finds from across the province are proof of the presence of mankind from the early prehistoric times, the Roman Era until in the Middle Ages. Splendid objects in - among other things - stone, earthwork, metal, glass and bone talk about their everyday life and key events.

The almost 100-metre long landscape wall shows how Limburg has changed through the centuries under the influence of the climate and the presence of mankind. Four scale models each give a picture of a watershed moment in the history of Limburg: the first people, the first farmers, the arrival of the Romans and the first monks. Pry on the Neanderthal Men in their camp, watch the farmers of the Stone Age, discover how the Romans built a bridge and find the monks on skates. See and above all hear the difference between day and night.

Today we are open from 11:00 until 17:00.

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Back in time with Professor B.C. Oud

Professor B.C. Oud takes you back in time and travels through the four scale models. He shows you what went on in the past and why. How did people in the Prehistory prepare their food, how did Romans sleep and lots more besides. Discover it yourself together with B.C. Oud. Want to see still more? Then open the drawers in the open cabinet and discover all conceivable forms of stone arrowheads, bronze swords or Roman earthwork …