Cas Oorthuys

Etched in Memory

June 30, 2019 until Sept. 22, 2019

From 30 June to 22 September 2019, the Limburgs Museum will be hosting a retrospective exhibition of photographer Cas Oorthuys (1908-1975) with a one-off unique section specifically devoted to Limburg.

Cas Oorthuys photographed people and their environment. He belonged to a generation of documentary photographers who wanted to contribute to a better world by creating a positive view of humanity. His photographs are aesthetically pleasing, warm, optimistic, and presented in a timeless, graphically strong form.

Cas Oorthuys recorded the great historical events of the 20th century, including the economic crisis in the 1930s, the Second World War and the German occupation, the struggle for independence in the Dutch East Indies, post-war reconstruction, and the Cold War. He gained a reputation for being a 'reconstruction photographer' and produced dozens of books about the Netherlands' rise from the ashes. He gained a certain level of international fame thanks to the photographic pocket guides he produced for publisher Uitgeverij Contact during his travels through Europe.

His work was influenced by stylistic elements of the Neues Sehen (New Vision) photographic movement with its diagonal compositions and a sharp and clear representation of the subject. All his works are in black and white, as he concisely stated that 'these were the colours of my generation'.

When he died in 1975, Cas Oorthuys left behind an archive of about half a million images, now managed by the Nederlands Fotomuseum (Museum of Dutch photography).

This exhibition was created in collaboration with the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

There is a free audio tour available for this exhibition.

Jacquardweefster, textielfabriek Diddens & Van Asten, Helmond (1960-1964) © Cas Oorthuys / Nederlands Fotomuseum

Today we are open from 11:00 until 17:00.

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