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Aad de Haas

Forbidden Art

June 1, 2020 until May 24, 2021

His work was banned, banished, and led to his imprisonment.

Painter and graphic artist Aad de Haas (Rotterdam 1920 – Schaesberg 1972) defied the rules imposed on him by the church and society. Figurative and expressionist, religious and pornographic: whatever the subject of his works, they were all exceptionally artistic.

In the later years, the intense expression of his attitudes and ideas broke the mould. Many of his works were about the balance of power between him and the church, or between man and woman. They represent the human deficit in a harsh, often ruthless society.

In the exhibition Aad de Haas – Verboden Kunst (Forbidden Art)*, we will show you what no one has been allowed to see so far, including sketches that even Aad de Haas was afraid to show: ‘If they discover these drawings, they'll cut my head off. No doubt about it.’ The exhibition can be seen in the Limburgs Museum from 1 June 2020 to 24 Mai 2021 inclusive.

*Please note: this exhibition may contain shocking images.

Celibacy, Aad de Haas (1960)

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